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Whipped Tropical Mango Butter

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Loving your hair means finding products that compliment your hair. At KaiNaturals, we believe that our best sellers should be yours to keep, so you can enjoy them every day, anytime. Check out our latest deals now!



 About KaiNaturals

My name is D'Asia Walker (also known as IAMAWOG). I am the founder and CEO of KaiNaturals Hair & Body Care, LLC. I have a passion for styling and caring for natural hair. I love to create unique but yet simple styles for not only myself but my daughter. I have been battling lupus for over 20 years and trying to find the right products that wouldn't effect my illness. For years, I have suffered from hair loss and other issues due to lupus. I started researching natural ingredients for years before finally finding combinations that not just worked for me but my entire family.​

The journey began when I started posting family photos and snapshots of RyLei Kai, my daughter (who was 3 at the time) and they exploded. I shared creative styles, my hair care regimens and tips all while sharing and promoting other brands. I started thinking, I should be promoting my own brand.


I originally started this company in 2016, I wanted to create all natural products that wouldn't harm my scalp to cause lupus flares. Months after starting the company, I put the business on the shelf due to health issues. A customer from my home town that purchased one of my very first jars of butters contacted me in early 2017 seeking to purchase another jar. So on March 2018, I re-launched KaiNaturals Hair & Body Care, a beauty brand for hair and skin named after my daughter. Since birth, I've called her RyLei Kai. Kai short for Kailani her middle name. This along with creating natural hair and body products birth the name KaiNaturals.


Because we want our products to be great for the entire family, we use all natural high quality ingredients. 

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